About Love Revolution

In our world we know respect, we are united to helping each other, to be the best we can be, In our world nothing is easy but we believe everything is possible, In our world you must focus, Commit, Take action, Find your dream, Live your dream,

In our world we won't be intimidated, We are fearless for fear is our friend, In our world we are all free, We are all heros. For only the brave find their dream, Only the brave live their dream,

In our world life is an adventure, The unknown is there to explore so take your ride, Live your adventure, Find your freedom in our world, We commit, We never quit, We never give up, We live for today for tomorrow may never come,

In our world we fail, we crash, we burn, only to rise to the challenge with valor and determination, To help each other be the best that we can be,

In our world trust and loyalty will always win over greed and jealousy,

We are the brave new world, We are the evolution of the new revolution,

For I am, you are, we are the,,,